About Us

Local Stores with our goodies

These great local stores are the ones who are up to date with all of our goodies.

Jose beer & Wine gas station 3600 Old Iowa Park Rd #3721, Wichita Falls, tx 76306

Get n Go convenient store 3366 Kell W Blvd#5126, Wichita Falls, tx 76309

Frank & Joes coffee house 2919 Bob Ave, Wichita Falls, Tx 76308 (Parker Square Shopping Center)

Brewnita Cafe 3115 Kemp Blvd, Wichita Falls, Tx 76308

Conoco HWY 794250 TX-79 s, Wichita Falls, tx 76310

Our story

My small business all started with a "lets just do it!" I personally have always been obsessed with spiciness, sweets, lime and anything in that category combined. So I decided to make my very own spice and Chamoy ingredients and see where it would take me. Slowly but surely it started taking off especially in the summer. Many seemed to just keep wanting more! Selling from my home to pop-ups, to bigger events and now the commercial kitchen. It has all truly been a blessing and couldn't have done it with so many of our supporters and customers. We will alway keep striving to meet all of our customers goals and keep being our better version but never forgetting our beginning!